The Top 5 toxic and fattening thoughts and behaviors

The Top 5 toxic and fattening thoughts and behaviors This is a picture of me to prove my point. This is me before I realized how fattening and devastating my thoughts and my pleaser-addiction was.

Hold on for 5 sentences, and I will surprise you (and share my after-picture).

It ain´t the just the carbs and the lack of exercise that´s making your belly fat. In fact, being too nice and holding back emotions has such a dramatic effect on your nervous system and blood-sugar that it might be even worse.

Why? The answer is cortisol. Excess levels, due to the emotional stress that follows, have a side effect. It raises bloodsugar (regardless of what you eat). This will make you store fat, slow down metabolism, break down muscle tissue and age faster. Bummer.

What is the number one toxic thought and emotional block that ALL my clients and students with belly-fat have in common with me in my before-pic?

They are all PLEASERS. They hold back and postpone the inner desires, dreams and needs to fit in and be nice. This creates a constant state of stress in the body. Why? Because they don’t act on the gut feeling.
Result: Instinctly, our wise body interprets this as an emergency situation. You are created to act on gut feeling and instinct. Just like the zebra is designed to run when a tiger comes too close. If the zebra for some strange reason decide to put on a big smile and ignore both lion and instinct, cascades of stress- hormones would be released as a reaction to this un-natural behavior. Similarly, your body releases cortisol when you hold back, put on a big smile when you are sad or resist going to the bathroom because it is unconvenient.

Ok, so here is my after-picture and your guide to fat-detox:The Top 5 toxic and fattening thoughts and behaviors

The Top 3 toxic thoughts and behaviors and how to avoid them

For example when you need to go to bathroom and you don’t go, because you don’t want to be in the way. Or smelly. Or when you don’t ask for water or food when you are thirsty, because you are such a pleaser.

Go to the bathroom the second you feel a need to pee. Eat, when you are hungry, drink when you are thirsty. Also when it is not convenient. Act and react. Instantly. Reassure your body and calm down your nervous system by showing your body, that you can take care of its needs.

When your gut feeling tells you to follow your dreams, speak up or say no and you don’t, it creates fattening cortisol-reactions in your body. That is why most women who stay in unhappy marriages or jobs, they have belly fat to tell e story. Everything is energy. And energy cannot be blocked. It has to be expressed. If you don’t do it – your body will express this energy via cortisol and fat.

Take action and follow your gut feeling today. First step is to express it. Tell someone about s secret gut feeling, dream or fear that you have been holding back for too long now. Don’t please – express.

“I hate my body.” “Why can´t I stick to a healthy diet?”. Your words express your need for change. And prevent change from happening at the same time. Why? The brain holds the answer. When we are born, we are vulnerable and dependent on protection from our mother and the flock. The amygdala in the brain cannot be calmed and feel safe without the warmth and protection from a human body. This is the main reason why you cannot truly heal and be slim and healthy if you are a loner who feels separate and do everything on your own.

Admit your instinct and your neediness. Join a flock, ask for help and join a tribe for protection and help.
Body contact is also very helpful. Ask someone you love for a hug. This releases the hormone for happiness and safety – oxytocin. And calms down the amygdala so that your nervous and endocrine system can work with you – not against you.

PS: Here is a cool video from my mentor and friend, the successful strength coach Charles Poliquin on the devastating and fattening effects of excess cortisol levels in the body.

PPS: Now it is time to take action  for fatloss and detox. Join this tribe with your comment below. Which toxic thoughts and behaviors are you brave enough to admit?

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