How To Cleanse Your Soul In A Sweatlodge Ceremony

How To Cleanse Your Soul In A Sweatlodge Ceremony the detox tribe sweatlodge purification ninka mauritson detox This is me post sweatlodge.
My hair is all sticky and wet.
I was told, that a sweatlodge is a purification proces. A re-birth.
I was told that I would come out from this sacred ceremony with sticky hair, clean soul and an open heart. Just like a newborn baby. This might seem weired, but I feel a deep sense of connection to (and love for) Mother Earth, Myself and everyone around me.

I dont´know if it shows, but I feel refreshed and cleansed.
I clearly feel that there I was called to be here.
The medicine man was right, when he said:
“Spirit has called you to be here. “There is no coincidence. Only connection. And in the sweatlodge, you will be reborn.”

In a sweatlodge, hot stones are carried to the circle in sweatlodge representing the womb.
There are four rounds of prayer and singing, each round represent one corner of the world.
The fire in the middle of the circle represents the fire element, the water you drink and spray on the hot stones represent the breath of life and the water element. The ground we sit on represents the earth element.

You might say: What relevance does an ancient, apache tradition have in the life of a business-woman in cold Scandinavia? My answer would be that I dont know. But my heart did. I needed to quiet down, be still and enter a sacred space of prayer, love and connection. And maybe you do too?

Here are 5 things I learned in the sweatlodge. And you can, too

1. A sweatlodge represent the powerful, feminine energy of love, connection and creating life.

2. We are all connected, brothers and sisters. We are family. There is only connection.

3. Father sky and mother earth loves us, protects us and we need to respect both.

4. Prayer and singing is embarrasing at first – but also very healing and in a strange way the soul need to express gratitude through prayers and emotions through singing.

5. A sacred ceremony is a purification proces – and a change to be reborn into your true, loving, connected state.

I felt my soul calling me to go deeper and I felt attracted to this sacred ceremony. What is your soul calling you to do right now?

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