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Five Facts About Soy You Must Know

By Charles Poliquin The soybean is publicized as a versatile food that is readily transformed into substitutes for ice cream and meat. Because it is a relatively inexpensive product, it also has been touted as a way to help eliminate

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5 Tips For Failure Addicts From The Master JP Sears

Healing Self Sabotage workshop

Healing Self Sabotage class of april 2013. Our teacher, JP is the long haired dude in the front. And he is a Master teacher and an expert in healing self-sabotage. He taught me so much and he is the reason

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How To Cleanse Your Soul In A Sweatlodge Ceremony


This is me post sweatlodge. My hair is all sticky and wet. I was told, that a sweatlodge is a purification proces. A re-birth. I was told that I would come out from this sacred ceremony with sticky hair, clean

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