Are You A Failure Addict?

Are You A Failure Addict?

You want the beautiful body, freedom, a thriving business, long lasting love and healthy, happy children. You know what to do, but you just aint´t doing it. Or you stick to your healthy decisions for a while, and then you stop doing it..Sounds familiar?

The truth is that we all self-sabotage. This is the uncomfortable truth. This is why we lack money, time, health, beauty and succes.

Forget about blaming it on the boogie, circumstances, relatives, lack of time, money yadayada. It is not the real reason. Are you ready to face reality and do something about it?

Did you know that most lifestyle changes have a 95 % failure rate? If you don´t know how to recognize and heal the inner saboteur, you will keep struggling.

Are You A Failure Addict?

I want to help you beat salf-sabotaging behavior and practise emotional healing for long-lasting succes. In this blog I share a free training session on emotional healing that I made for my Detox Tribe Coaches. In the webinar, you will learn from me and  the leading expert in the field of emotional Healing, holistic health coach JP Sears from


Are you ready to:

  • Go beyond self-sabotage and learn how to stop blocking success.
  • Learn how to identify and break free from the destructive, hidden patterns that make you (and others) addicted to failure.

These powerful techniques have given me and my clients inner peace and results beyond belief. As a successful bestselling health-writer and coach, I used to get REALLY frustrated when my clients kept sabotaging their own health or succes. It wasn´t until I understood and started working with these beautiful tools that JP taught me, that I was able to free myself and others from this viscious cycle
Ninka-Bernadette Mauritson – Denmark 

In this free webinar, you will learn:

  • Why we spend time meeting our emotional needs in a way that is self sabotaging.
  • How part of the ego has learned to feel valued the more we block our own success.
  • That self-sabotage is NEVER the ISSUE, it is always a symptom.
  • How you  (and others) benefit by addressing the actual issues beneath the symptom. How it is possible to find liberation from the hidden internal confliction about success.

The webinar is session 1 in a 4-part training series on emotional healing.

Write to us in our contact-page to hear more about the webinar

How do you self-sabotage your own succes? Leave your comment below. The most honest saboteur will be rewarded with free acces to the whole training series.

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