About Me before and after my detox

Let me show you  can copy my life detox and beat weight-issues, stress and depression. I wanna share the detox rituals that made me loose 20 kilos, cure my son from autism, asthma and digestive issues and write a Scandinavian bestseller about my system. It sold 140.000 copies.



Now you know what stress, toxic food, toxic lifestyle and self-critisicm does to  the female body. The before-picture shows water retention, sagging skin, acne, grey hair, depression. What you can´t see is my sadness, my bad breath and my anxiety. What you can´t see is how my unhealthy inner and outer condition affected my childrens health and happiness.


The Detox Tribe is my tribe. And it is a purification proces. I am here to show you the peaceful and beautiful way to GO BACK. My detox proces is a powerful tool to peel off all the layers in your body, mind and soul that is blocking you from being healthy and happy. It is a clearing and cleaning proces that will love, because it will make you love yourself, your children and your life more.
Let me show you how to gain self confidence and physical strength by letting go of toxic thoughts, foods and a toxic lifestyle.


My name is Ninka-Bernadette Mauritson, a bestselling writer, speaker and workshop leader of The Detox Tribe with thousands of followers all over Europe. I did the impossible. I turned a whole nation of busy moms on to health, presence and detox, as she made health and happiness rituals mainstream in Denmark.
My books created a movement and a public demand for gluten-dairy and sugar-free food in the super-markets. I have sold over 140,000 copies of my book, “Kernesund familie – sådan” which means, “Core Health for Families.” Published 5 years ago, my book still holds the record as one of the bestselling non fiction books ever published in Denmark. I am currently translating my books and into English for the U.S. market. (stay tuned) Previously, I was a TV journalist on national TV in Denmark and have been featured on every front cover of all the top magazines in Denmark, as well as being a guest on all the top tv shows in Scandanavia.
In following my passion, I quit my job as head of PR to follow a dream of becoming a Poliquin health coach for women and children.
I have had 8 years of experience in facilitating health, happiness and peaceful presence for women through detox rituals and wisdom-circles. I also certifies health care professionals via my coaching school.