5 Tips For Failure Addicts From The Master JP Sears

5 Tips For Failure Addicts From The Master JP Sears JP Sears Failure addicts

Healing Self Sabotage class of april 2013. Our teacher, JP is the long haired dude in the front. And he is a Master teacher and an expert in healing self-sabotage. He taught me so much and he is the reason why I am a very succesful health coach.
I am a master of the fine arts of self-sabotaging.
I was unaware of the fact that I was doing it on purpose. You are probably in denial of your self-sabotaging tendencies as well. Hold on. Your ego is already getting upset at me.

After 33 years of unconsciously self-sabotaging my health (eating sugar, drinking red wine and staying up all night), my financial situation, my relationsships and my happiness, I met JP Sears from innerawakeningsonline.com. He taught me the art of healing self-sabotage.
A technique that I have increased the quality of my life, my inner health and my succes-rate as a coach and health-facilitator loved ever since. And refined and studies for 5 years now. I even had the honor to teach my coaches in webinar series with JP Sears.

Basically – you can eat, exercise and get coaching all you want. If you don´t adress the hidden ways you sabotage yourself to avoid forgotten, emotional pain and trauma, you will never truly heal or be succesful.
You will repeat the same patterns again and again. Time after time. Year after year.
Today I attended another class with JP in order to get more tools from him to heal the inner saboteur. This is the best take home tips for you. Getting conscious and curious about your self-sabotaging habits is part of the healing proces:

1. We sabotage ourselves to feel powerful and to give ourselves attention. Because the human race is so needy that we die if we don´t get attention.

2. 99 Percent of all lifestyle changes will fail because of hidden self-sabotage patterns.

3. Pain is a great gift, because it reminds us of the areas in life where we have betrayed ourselves.

4. There is no greater gift than pain, because pain motivate us to look for our lost, inner child. Picture losing your child getting lost in the supermarket. Would´nt you want someone to tell you, where that child was hiding? Pain is that someone that tells you where to look for your lost inner child.

You can find more about JP Sears and join his healing coruses at innerawakeningsonline.com

And now, back to you: Where
do you sabotage yourself in life?

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